I picked this against New Avengers when it came out. Why? Well, I like the vampire lore, I like the idea of almost any anti-hero, and my dad had collected Morbius back some time ago. That and the cover is pretty freakin sweet. Props to Gabriele Dell’otto. 

     With this issue, our main focus, Morbius, explains his past and how he got to where he is (which is with a gunshot to the chest). He had escaped prison after being sent in there by Spider-Man. It appears he swam to Brooklyn. I would have to read something else for the whole story.

     Anyway, he gets some clothes, heads to another town, and starts explaining that every time he tries to do good, something goes wrong. He goes into detail of further past, how when he was a child he had a disease that weakened his immune system, and a friend of his tried to cure it. This cure game him vampiric effects, but not quite traditional vampire status. He still wants blood and he still is pale and somehow has superhuman abilities.

     Anyway, in this issue it covers basically that and goes into his personality. He tries to do good, but somehow things always turn on him. In this case, he tries to help someone out and gets shot in the chest. Thus begins the story of how he is a dead vampire.

      I am excited about this. I do not know where it will turn, I do not know if he will have Deadpool style healing or if he will just live without a heart beat… perhaps it will have some flashbacks, perhaps there will be a Marvel style resurrection how he was never actually dead to begin with. I would give this a 3.8/5. If it gets worse I may drop it. 


Marvel, 2013
Executive Producer - Alan Fine
Publisher - Dave Buckley
Chief Creative Officer - Joe Quesada
Editor in Chief - Axel Alonso
Senior Editor - Stephen Wacker
Editor - Sana Amanat
Variant Cover Artists - Skottie Young, Ed McGuinness, Marte Gracia
Cover Artist - Gabriele Dell’otto
Letterer - VC’s Clayton Cowles
Colorist - Antonio Fabela
Artist - Richard Elson
Writer - Joe Keatinge

Dedicated to Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.