Another old comic. 1964, to be exact. This issue was in the same condition as the last, cover falling off due to rusted staples. I wish I knew what condition these were kept in so that I can, at all costs, keep my comics as far away from that condition as possible. Anyway, Luthor AND Brainiac! Guess who wins.

     Okay, just like the last one, it starts with Luthor breaking out of jail. He goes to his secret hideout. He devises a plan to kill Superman, but it fails he realizes he cannot do this on his own, so he uses a machine he oh so conveniently built in his spare time to search time and space and dimensions. He finds a world with advanced computers that start taking over the human race.

     These computers then decide to try taking over other planets, so they make a human like robot, name it Brainiac, and send it out to take whole cities at a time. This is how Superman’s city of Kandor was trapped. Along his route, Superman stops Brainiac and takes Kandor to try to save the people. That’s another story.

     Brainiac is on a planet/jail all by himself. Superman left every thought ahead and there was no way out. Lex Luthor frees Brainiac, reveals that he knows he is a machine, and even turns up his intelligence level. Somehow. They meet back at Luthorlair and draw Superman in (which is far too easy. No wonder he needed the help of Batman a few times), then gas him to be powerless and shrink him. As he is shrunk. Shrank. Shrinked… the two villains start debating over how to kill him. 

    Who gets the kill? How will it be done? What will happen to Superman? What is the proper past tense of shrink? 

     It’s a good issue. Again, the credits are missing, but there are legal bits in there somehow about distribution. I went to the internet to find out who did what, and for that I give the issue a 3.5/5. Not that it’s bad at all, but it didn’t grasp me as much as I had hoped. 

     I do want to throw in that I really am liking Superman’s foes. Hopefully I can find more on them soon.


Cover Art: Curt Swan
Writers: Cary Bates, Edmond Hamilton
Penciler: Curt Swan
Inker: George Klein

DC comics, 1964

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